Best Salt Nic Juices of 2021

Updated on: 2021-03-10

In this article we are going to go over the best salt nic juices for 2021. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our picks. Some of them may surprise you!

1. Riot Squad Cream Leaf

Riot Squad Cream Leaf

If you are into the bold and creamy type of salt e liquids, then look no further than the best salt nic juice on this list; Riot Squad’s Cream Leaf e juice.


This has a very rich tobacco taste with a satisfying creamy finish to it. You will get a little bit of nuttiness as well as some earthiness. On the finish you get a sweet creaminess that balances everything out. This is a really well blended salt nicotine juice that knocked Havana Nights off the top perch in this particular category of nicotine salts. The fact that this vape juice knocked down a two-time best nic salt entry like Havana Nights says something about its flavor; it definitely deserves the top spot on any best salt nic e liquids list. Like the other Riot Squad juices in their line, this salt nic juice comes in 30ml bottles. The Cream Leaf salt nic juice is available in straight nic salt or hybrid combination (freebase and nic salt). Nicotine strengths are available in 20 and 46 mg.

2. Boss Havana Nights

Boss Havana Nights


This is the only nicotine salt e juice that is returning from the 2019 list. I just couldn’t help but put it back onto this year’s new best nicotine salt juice list. Havana Nights is one of my go-to nic salts and I absolutely love this salt nic e juice. It is a perfect combination of vanilla, caramel, and nice, rich tobacco. All of them blend beautifully together to create a wonderful vaping experience in a pod system. As you can probably tell from the name it leans more towards the cigar type of tobacco leaves but it mixes beautifully with the caramel and vanilla. The Havana Nights juice comes in 30 ml bottles and it is available in 23, 35, or 50 mg of nicotine strengths.

3. Riot Squad Ultra Peach Tea

Riot Squad Ultra Peach Tea


I don’t know what it is lately but I have definitely been getting into flavors like tea juices, especially fruit flavors like peach tea. The third best salt nic juice on this list is a really nice, sweet yet subtle peach tea nicotine salt from Riot Squad. It’s supposed to be On The Rocks so it does have a bit of a cooling taste to it, but I don’t find it overbearing at all. This is excellent to use while you’re sitting poolside in the summertime. Like all of Riot Squad’s line, it is available in 48 mg nic strength and a 20 mg hybrid version which is a mixture of freebase and nicotine salt. It is only available in 30 ml bottles.

4. OKAMI Salt Lychee Lauren

OKAMI Salt Lychee Lauren


I love this juice from Okami for its calming qualities. It is a black tea with the flavors of peach and lychee mixed in. Very, very well blended, but is definitely on the sweeter side for nicotine salt. You get the sweetness of the peach and lychee right up front, and get the nice black tea finish towards the end of the draw. That combination creates one of the best salt nic vaping experiences that’s well-balanced, and is simply a great all-day vape. I run this salt nic e liquid in my pod systems all the time and I truly enjoy it. The Okami Salt Lychee Lauren is available in 30ml bottles, with a nic strength of 50 mg.

5. Freeman Top Brass

Freeman Top Brass


This is another juice that I like vaping in the cool weather. Freeman’s Top Brass is a tobacco peanut butter vape. You get the tobacco right up front and in your face, which I enjoy, and on the end of the pull you get a nice creamy, sweet peanut butter flavor. A really nicely blended and well-balanced salt nicotine e liquid. I enjoy this nicotine salt e liquid whenever the weather turns cooler. The only downside to these types of salt e liquids is that if you are going to run it, make sure it’s the only nicotine salt e liquid you use in your pod. Because you will not be able to get the flavor out of that coil. Don’t even think about switching over to another flavor after putting this potent salt nicotine in your pod system. That peanut butter flavor will linger on, I promise you that. This top-brass flavor, like all Freeman nicotine salts, is available in 30ml bottles and in a single nicotine strength of 35mg.

6. Riot Squad Blue Burst

Riot Squad Blue Burst


If you go to Riot Squad’s website and read the description for Blue Burst it says it’s an “icy blue raspberry slush” with a “menthol explosion”. I have to be honest, I don’t get that menthol explosion with this flavor. The menthol on this is actually on the light side if compared to other menthol salt nicotine e juices, as far I’m concerned. If it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t like it. I love blue slushie juices, and this is one of the best flavors on the market right now for a pod system. You get a really nice blue raspberry flavor although, again, the menthol is not all that strong in my opinion. Which is a good thing for me. Nevertheless, this high quality nicotine salt e juice is available in 30ml bottles, with strengths in 45mg, and a 20mg hybrid of regular e juice and nic salt.

7. Squid Industries Spritz Cucumber Melon

Squid Industries Spritz Cucumber Melon


This is another one of those weird flavors for nicotine salts for me, but the reason I liked it so much is because it’s actually light on the melon taste. This is from Squid Industries’ Spritz line of nic salts, and I think their cucumber melon nicotine salt juice is one of their top flavors. The flavor is so light, I almost have a hard time believing that there’s any melon in it. It definitely tastes more like cucumber and some other sweet fruits I can’t quite place (although to be fair, the flavor profile description says that there are tropical fruit flavors in it as well). It does have a nice little mint kicker at the end that I really enjoy. If you are into salt nic e liquids that are a little bit on the sweet side but also have a light mint type of flavor, you will definitely enjoy this salt nicotine juice. It’s a great summer time vape that is very refreshing. This revitalizing vape juice comes in 30ml bottles and it is available in 25 or 50 mg of nicotine strengths.

8. Finest Straw Melon Sour

Finest Straw Melon Sour


I’m not really a melon flavor type of guy when it comes to vapor flavors, in general. If I do vape any kind of melon flavor, it’ll be a watermelon flavor type of vape. That’s why I definitely gravitated towards this straw melon sour vape juice. It has the strawberry right up front with a little bit of a watermelon kicker. You get the sour on the end of the pull and it’s just a really nice vape. The sour note isn’t overbearing at all, and is actually very subtle, as far as sour juices go. If you’re into the strawberry and watermelon types of flavors, you should definitely pick this up, I promise you will enjoy it. This is a great summer vape that is very refreshing and should pair well with any nice, quality pod device. This great vape juice is available in 30 or 50 mg of nicotine strengths and comes in 30ml bottles.

9. BLVK Apple

BLVK Apple


I guess you could say that I am somewhat of a seasonal vaper when it comes to certain flavors. Apple is one of those flavors that I really enjoy once the weather starts to get a little cooler and the leaves start to change color. I love vaping apple juice flavors in the fall, and this is one of my go-to juices for that season when it comes to my pod systems. BLVK Apple is a very well-balanced apple-flavored vape juice that gives you a nice combination of green and red apples. You get a full apple flavor throughout the whole pull. It might not be the most complex juice in the world, but you can’t deny it’s apple flavor. This nice fall flavor is available in 30 ml bottles, with 35 or 50mg of nicotine strengths.

10. Freeman Tobacco Menthol

Freeman Tobacco Menthol

If you’re a regular visitor to the Vaping Insider website or Youtube channel, you’ve probably heard me say this on numerous occasions: I’m not a big fan of menthol vapes, especially tobacco menthol flavors in my vape salts. I never really smoked menthol tobacco cigarettes back when I was a smoker. That being said, I think its high time I eat my earlier words: I’ve been really getting into vape juices with cooling agents lately, especially when it comes to pods. Freeman’s Tobacco Menthol flavor really got me into it; this is a nice, full-bodied, well balanced, creamy sort of tobacco with a slight menthol hit to it. Freeman really knows how to do nic salts and it shows on the tobacco menthol vape juice that they make. I love running this juice in my smaller pods like the Smok Nfix. This particular flavor of nicotine salt vape juice comes in a 30ml bottle, with 35mg of nic strength.


In all my years of reviewing various kinds of vape devices—from sub ohm tanks to mods or pod mods, whatever you want to call them— I’ve run through a range of some of the best nic salts the vaping industry has to offer. All salt nic juices on these list are new to me— except for the second entry— and are good for vaping use in your low-powered devices. So here’s my must try list of 10 best salt nic juices for 2021.

Whether you’re a new or veteran vaper, nicotine salt e juices in a multitude of flavors will always show up on your radar when you look for the best salt nic juice hit. And while this is by no means the most comprehensive best nic salt juice list out there, I had to limit this list to just 10 for this year, because otherwise I’d just be writing forever about all the best nicotine salt e liquid experiences I’ve ever had.

Now, just a quick overview for the unfamiliar: Nicotine salt (or its many, many name versions: salt nicotine, nic salt, salt nic, salt e juice, nic salt e juice, salt e liquids, they all mean the same thing) are different from freebase nicotine (the “regular e juice”) in several ways:

  • If throat hit is a concern, nicotine salts deliver a smoother, less harsh throat hit for vapers as compared to freebase nicotine. It is freebase nicotine’s higher PH level that causes the harsh throat hit, while the benzoic acid helps lower the PH level in nic salts.
  • Nicotine salts can be vaped at lower temperatures and at less liquid volume than freebase nicotine, but still deliver the same high nicotine level (if not higher) than the same liquid volume amount of freebase nicotine.
  • Nicotine salts have high nicotine concentration levels in them than compared to their freebase nicotine counterparts.
  • Nicotine salts lets your body absorb nicotine faster than freebase nicotine, so you could use less nic salts in your vaping devices than freebase nicotine, but get the same nicotine hit nonetheless.
  • Oh, and nicotine salts are not in any way related to table salts. So don’t go sprinkling any of the salt e juices on this list onto any kind of food. Just sayin’.


What is the best nic salt?

Every vapers’ opinion will vary when it comes to the top nic salt for them. Answering this question depends on a range of factors: are you new to vaping, or just want a new flavor of nicotine salt to try out? Is the volume of vapor clouds important to you when you vape, or are you ok with less vapor? Do you prefer devices that come pre-filled with nic salt, or like it better to fill your own vaping devices? Do you like your liquids fruity, creamy, sour or more closer to tobacco in flavors? Or maybe you just pick your salt e liquids by how exotic, funny, or weird the brand name is (some examples: Nkd 100 Salt, Naked 100, Charlie s Chalk Dust, Mad Hatter)?

As you can see, the answers to this are as numerous and varied as the actual nic salts available on the market today, and it depends on things from the vapers gear you have on hand, how much of the addictive chemical that is nicotine you want in you, or to the type of device you have right now or can afford to get. You can’t go wrong with trying any or all of the nicotine salt vape juices featured on the list above, but if you decide to go for a Nkd 100 Salt (pronounced “naked 100”) in Lava Flow, Nkd 100 Salt in Hawaiian POG, Nkd 100 Salt in American Patriot, or Mad Hatter in Grappleberry salt nicotine, it’s all up to you.

What strength of nicotine salts should you buy?

It depends on the varied form of nicotine needs for each person. If you’re a former cigarette smoker who’s in the process of switching over to vaping, then get the highest possible concentration of nicotine in the salt based e liquid you’re getting to ease into the transition. If you’re new to vaping, and have not smoked cigarettes before (or just prefer the flavor), get the lowest possible concentration. The range of type of nicotine concentration in salt nic juices range from 20 to 50mg/ml, although some manufacturers go as low as 3-5 mg/ml (Mr. Salt E), and some go as high as 60 mg/ml (Eonsmoke).

Is salt nic healthier than regular nic?

Although vapers have been soothing their throat with nicotine salts and their various vapor for the only the past few years, there hasn’t been a lot of studies made to conclusively state if nicotine salt is healthier to vape than regular freebase nicotine, especially when it comes to long-term use, as vaping as a whole is still a relatively new thing to happen. The same could be said for the benzoic acid added to nicotine salt as well.

Of course, all vapers know that all nicotine salt and freebase nicotine product contains nicotine, and that nicotine is an addictive substance (bottles sold must have the “Warning: This product contains nicotine” sticker visible on them, by law), but a majority of vapers go into vaping not for the flavor or the vapor; they vape because they’d like to stop smoking cigarettes (which are still far, far worse than vaping), and stopping is a huge challenge. So getting choices like flavor profile, choosing from more vapor or less vapor, or preferring a smoother throat hit vs a harsher throat hit (which some vapers still do prefer, although at the cost of their throat perhaps) makes the transition a bit easier and a more pleasant experience.